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"Thank you so much to the Full Circle team! Your persistence and support in keeping me fully functional over the years has made all the difference to my quality of life. I definitely couldn’t have got to this point without you! Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of success!"


When I moved here from Nova Scotia 5 years ago, I was looking for a new NUCCA provider. I tried a few – so thankful I found Bradley. Now and for the past 4 ¾ years my husband, my mom and I drive from Sylvan Lake to see Bradley. We are so thankful to have found him. We love that he goes above & beyond to help & find out what’s going on.


The people here are terrific, really super duper. I see Dr Kennedy who I followed from Sundance, Geoffrey, Angie and the visceral manipulation person. (Karen) The front desk is top notch and very entertaining. I wish you many more years of success, good humour, great service and prosperity. Big hugs,


I came here because I couldn’t walk unassisted after surgery although my surgeon said I should be able to. Not only am I walking now, I can rise my left arm over my head – first time in 20 years.


Congrats to everyone at Full Circle. All of you have been a huge part of my recovery from 3 rear enders resulting in whiplash. It’s so nice to see one clinic for all of my needs, the reception staff are so friendly and and welcoming. Thank you for all the wonderful care.


Happy Anniversary Full Circle! You keep me going. I don’t know what I’d do

without you.


Congratulations to all! Many thanks to Joyce & Ken who keep me moving so well! Reception ladies are wonderful!


Thank you Full Circle for all your kindness. I do not know what I would do without Dr Kennedy keeping my head on straight. P.S. your staff are so friendly and helpful.


Dear Ken and Geoffrey,
Thank you for taking such great care with my prenatal and post natal woes. Many thanks to Heide for always having a smile to share and time to chat!


My sister had problems with her ankles and we went to lots of doctors but full circle is the only one that made a difference. Thank you for keeping her healthy!


I just wanted to say that after my appointment yesterday with Dr. Abreu,

I’m feeling so much better!
I was having pins and needles in my arms and legs, and was feeling super anxious. He made me feel so much better before I even left the office,

and today those pins and needles are gone.
He is such an angel! I really don’t know what I would do without him. 


“I recently referred a good friend of mine to Dr Ken Abreu. She had been struggling with pain for years and could not find either cause or relief. Over the last two weeks I have received the following two messages from her and

received permission to share this.

“Saw Dr Ken again yesterday and I’m so thrilled, FINALLY something is working, its so nice not to be in pain 24/7, forgot what that felt like, no pain. This NUCCA technique is amazing, so hard to believe that something with such little touch and a certain angle can do so much…all the other chiro techniques seem to, or should be obsolete…no more bone crunching and reefing & ART for me. And such a bonus…he is such a nice guy too…very personable”

“Saw Dr Ken today and he said and showed me there has been a remarkable difference & improvement..which I agree..I cant tell you how much better I fell. I owe you a very big thank you for giving me his name!! He is a pretty talented guy and so very nice. Thanks again.”

So thank you Dr Ken from myself as well. While my experience has also been very positive with your NUCCA treatment, I have been made so much happier to know that my friend has been able to find some relief for herself. If anyone is hesitating to try NUCCA Chiropractic and especially Dr Abreu, I would encourage you to wait no longer. Refer yourself, a friend or family member and find the relief that you need from someone you can trust.”


“I love seeing Dr.Kennedy, I think he’s part chiropractor and part magic, I always feel amazing after an adjustment. I also appreciate the wonderful level of care he offers, he always listens and takes a genuine interest in my whole well being not just my physical health. I have a physically demanding job and he’s also helped to keep me healthy and able to do it without pain. I’ve been seeing him for 10 years, and I certainly won’t be stopping anytime soon!”


“From the moment you enter Full Circle you are greeted by friendly and knowledgeable administrative staff. Full Circle really is a comprehensive one-stop facility comprised of only the best Doctors and Therapists. They are skilled, proficient and compassionate healers. They truly care about my well being and physical health. In my experiences,I would recommend their expertise to anyone looking for chiropractic care including NUCCA, physiotherapy or specialized massage treatments.”


“I really appreciate that the appropriate steps were taking prior to treatment. From the X-Rays to the explanation to what was causing severe headaches. Understanding my posture played a huge part. The adjustments made an enormous difference. I would recommend this clinic because they care and do a very thorough job. I feel great today!”


“The staff at Full Circle are amazing. I have suggested friends, and one is seeing Dr. Abreu. Everyone is always so helpful and friendly. We think you are an amazing office!! Thank you!!!! :)”


“Awesome group of specialists who care about their clients!!”


“Always feels personable, very thorough treatment, never rushed. Have known Brad for over 8 years, never disappointed. His new team is great.”


“My experiences of going to Full Circle have really changed my life. My migraines have all but gone away completely, I did have 24/7/365 migraines and on 8 medications plus Advil migraine. There seemed to be nothing to help me. I have been to about 16 specialists over 10 years and got more medication every time, but no real explanation on why I am in so much pain. Now I am free of the pain, I can feel and can become something. The family of people here are so special, humble, caring, and are true healers. All I can say is thank you for being there for me every step of the way and guiding my body to heal. I really needed all of you and I will be forever grateful.”


 “Life changing!! Love you guys'”


“Dr. Kennedy has been my chiropractor for over 10 years. He is very professional and respectful. His treatments are amazing. They physically as well as mentally help me. He is always concerned about my health. A very kind individual. Also, the staff members have always been very pleasant.”


“Have had exceptional experiences with all of the practitioners at Full Circle I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I really appreciate the holistic approach, and the fact that each person really cares about my well-being. I feel like the Full Circle team has been part of my journey to wellness, and I’m very grateful!”


“Great friendly office staff….very knowledgeable health staff.”


“Doctor Ken Abreu  from Full Circle has been helping me with both neck and hip problems for just a few months now, and I am already almost back to normal! After the first few appointments (for gentle NUCCA adjustments) walking felt a bit strange because now I was learning to walk properly. My spine and hips were moving back into their correct position. Chiropractors can get a bad rep, so many family doctors, including mine, are hesitant to recommend their patients for this service. I believe that if you find a great chiropractor you are on the road to getting rid of pain, achieving better posture, and more strength and agility. Dr. Ken gets five stars out of five for all of that and for making a patient unfamiliar with chiropractors very comfortable. His office staff are amazing, competent and are always smiling and helpful. He gave me a free evaluation before he made any suggestions, and I am so glad I decided to give it a try.”


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